Minggu, 06 Maret 2016

Absurd Talks -2

Another sleepless night with me hating on myself really bad right now. 

I wish i could turn back time when everything was normal, when I was just 12 years old sleeping with my clear holder with The Click Five articles and photos, listening to "Just The Girl" and "Catch Your Wave" almost every night.

I don't even know why i fell in love with Kpop.

In fact, I probably not just loving it but obsessed with it.

I seriously hate the feelings when everything was unfair, when everyone can meet the idols luckily and luckily. What did I do?  I was just wondering at home, didn't know what's going on. Keep counting money to go to Korea, for a stupid reason, to meet my idol. And people out there easily meet them and take a picture with them, even hug them.

I want my normal life.

When Kpop is not the only music I listen to.
When KDrama is not the only TV Show I watch.
When Korea is not the main reason I study so heard.
When Korea is not the main reason I become this weird.
When Korean idol is not my ideal guy type.

Gosh, how can I heal myself?

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