Rabu, 30 September 2015

Ping Pong

I am a ping pong ball.
I can't pretty much say which side I'm on.
Sometimes I go Black, sometimes Blue.
But I like those two sides;
I like it because when we're together, I am having fun bouncing here and there.

I am a ping pong ball.
Everytime I fell, Black and Blue always pick me up;I am rejoiced.
Because of them I am not afraid to fall.
I know when we are all together,
either Black or Blue always gonna pick me up.
It was a good play after all.

I am a ping pong ball.
I am nothing without one of the players.
It's been a while since I was stuck in the middle.
Blue and Black never met like before.
When Black comes; Blue was not there.
When Blue comes; Black was not there.
And it keeps going,
At the end I was just a ping pong ball.
Waiting for Black and Blue to come together again.

What can I do when,
Black and Blue are not willing to see each other again?

I am a ping pong ball.
I don't want to stuck in the middle.
I have to bounce again somehow.
Not with Black, neither Blue.
But both of them.

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